Corporate Videos:


Compelling high quality promotional and training corporate videos that mesh the client's overall marketing programs including training video, product demos, web designing, web videos streaming etc. And in turn, helps our client's message across effectively.


Live Event Coverage:


Broadcasting standard coverage of special event of all types. Be it, stage shows or educational or cultural programs.


Network Productions:


M2K is well equipped to meet all pre production demands of the clients of every stature. And this is achieved by understanding the demands of broadcast television, and by being fully prepared to meet the challenges of the field. 
  Event Management:

The approach is always focused on a single ideal, that is, to maximize client exposure with measurable results.

  Web Designing and Hosting Services:
    M2K provides fast, reliable and affordable web services for small to medium sized businesses.

We provide web design and hosting solutions with service and support needed in today's market.


TV Commercials:


Bold, arresting and strongly individualistic commercials that conveys clear and succinct messages to hold the viewers beyond 30 seconds. 
  Post Production:

Linear and non-linear editing, world-class computer graphics, 2D & 3D animations and much more to enhance your client's video requirements.


Fashion Photography:


A full-fledged photography wing at your service.

    To generate mind boggling portrait and fashion photography that can create anything and everything you can imagine.

Interactive Digital Media Services:


Interactive is becoming the fast active marketing tool of the millennium. At M2K, we help the clients' meet their demands in these areas with the best of the facilities in graphic design, shooting and editing.