Convention Video Coverage
    Capturing the attention of the audience is very important in any meeting.  When it comes conventions you are spending more money on accommodating a larger crowd to present your theme.  It's important for the audience to see the body language when the leaders present the idea to the group.  Over head projection is the only way to make this happen. 
    Our trained crew will make your event more manageable and meaningful.    We can bring your Power Point presentation, any format video footage, still pictures, internet screen shots and stock footage on live projection screens.  We can also offer digital backdrops which can be change according to the theme of the sessions.
Candids modules.
Capture the essence of the entire event.
Show the video at the final banquet and put a smile on everyone's face.
Offer the participants a tape as a souvenir.
  Documentary style. Capture the entire event for:
Corporate history.
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